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5 Tips for Protecting Yourself and Your Kids from “Free” Children’s Games on the iPhone or iPad

iOS devices are great for kids. They’re easy to use, and there are a bevy of solid educational apps that children can understand and use without a tremendous amount of effort. They’re also a great way to introduce children to computing, and give them something (at times) constructive to do in those life moments where they need a distraction. That…

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Defending against WordPress brute-force attacks using built in features of IIS

Throughout the past week, a very large network of compromised computers has been pounding away at sites using the WordPress content management platform, attempting to access those sites by continually attempting logins using default WordPress usernames, along with a combination of passwords. For these attacks to work, the attacking machines have to continually try various combinations of passwords, throwing request…

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Tales from IT: Things that shouldn’t exist but do

One of the ways that faculty teaching online attempt to insure the integrity of their testing is by requiring students to download, install, and access the test through the silly Respondus Lockdown Browser. This browser, among other things, requires that you not be running in a virtualized environment, that no other app that could be considered remote access, or multi-thread…

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