Mobile Traffic to the Marshall Website for 2012

iOS-VS-AndroidThis morning I ran a report for a coworker on the mobile device traffic to the Marshall website over the past year (through yesterday).  The statistics break down like this:

72.92% iOS
22.38% Android
1.02% Blackberry
0.48% Windows Mobile

A couple of points of information to use when interpreting the data:  iOS includes all iPhone, iPad and iPod traffic.  While the percentage of Android devices is a lower percentage wise than you might see on the broader web, we’ve seen a significant increase in traffic from Android devices year over year, and each year I run the stats I see Android continue to chip away at iOS.  iOS used to hold an 85%+ advantage over others in terms of total traffic.

Blackberry continues its death spiral, down from a high of about 4.5% in 2008.


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