Things I Am Looking For

Forgive me the random stream of consciousness brain dump of things I’m looking for – but if you are interested in talking about any of these things in more detail, let me know.

  1. HBO Go – I’m looking for someone who pays for an HBO subscription, but doesn’t use the HBO Go service (a free part of your service) and wants to let me use the digital version of their service in exchange for part of your monthly bill.
  2. iPod Touch – I’m looking for a recent iPod touch model for Bo. I’d be willing to buy one at a reasonable used price, or trade a PS3 for it.
  3. A bike tune up – a good recommendation on getting a bike tuned up and in riding shape for the spring. I’ve used Jeff’s before, and honestly wasn’t super happy (the gearing was wonky immediately after the tuneup) so I’m looking for alternatives.
  4. Thanks in advance for any ideas or help you share.


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