Tired, Old, Angry, and Worn

I spent the better part of the day today dealing with unhappy people.   The morning started with an unhappy student who didn’t understand why because she couldn’t effectively use web publishing software, we couldn’t just do the job her department hired her as a GA to do for free.

She then preceded to write me a lengthy email describing to me all the things that were wrong with the way I did my job.   This is after I had personally, or someone in my group had, spent a not small number of hours trying to help her impress the people she was trying to impress, and make her a success at the project she was trying to pull off.

Flash forward to just before lunch, and I exchanged emails with an unpleasant coworker who has a nasty habit of focusing on trivial things like background colors on web pages during finals week when we’re trying to both close down Spring, and get the Summer sessions in startup.

After lunch, I got to read through another in an endless string of increasingly restrictive and unnecessary travel policies designed to make sure that if you’re ever dumb enough to travel on the State once, you’ll never do it again.

After digesting that gem (a favorite of mine given that I have a long and sordid history with travel reimbursements) I fought with a system issue that I didn’t completely understand – made somehow worse when it suddenly started working and I didn’t understand why.

Just before leaving, my phone rang and it was a very sweet, but clearly frustrated person on the other end of the line who was trying to accomplish what should have been a simple task – but do to an uncooperative system just wasn’t able.   She and I, both at the end of our patience for the day, decided to call it a day and try it again in the morning.

I left work for an appointment, and after an hour of being offline, opened my email to 16 unread items related to performance issues that are sure to spawn necessary but painfully derailing discussions tomorrow.

Finally, I came home to an IRS audit notice.   It was at that point that I sat down to rant out my frustration and say what I’d be longing to say all day but couldn’t find the appropriate time.

Fuck today.  Fuck today hard.  I hope it dies.


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